ALGAE Protocol: About Us

An automated protocol for assigning early life exposures to longitudinal cohort studies

About Us...

The ALGAE protocol was produced through a joint collaboration between Imperial College's Small Area Health Statistics Unit and the University of Bristol's ALSPAC cohort. It was developed as a generic automated solution to support work in an environmental health study that is examining the relationship between early life exposure to air pollution and later life respiratory health in cohort members.

The project has been as much a collaboration between the data management teams of SAHSU and ALSPAC as it has been a collaboration between its research teams.

Special thanks to Iain Bickerstaffe, Olly Butters and Tim Morris for helping to describe the history of how address changes were collected.

Principal Investigators

Dr John Gulliver

Professor Paul Elliott

Professor John Henderson

The Small Area Health Statistics Unit Team

Dr Kevin Garwood

Dr Daniela Fecht

Dr John Gulliver

Dr Anna Hansell

Ms Clare Pearson

Dr Kees de Hoogh


Dr Olly Butters

Mr Iain Bickerstaffe

Mr Andrew Boyd

Tim Morris

Kate Northstone