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  1. What is the RIF?
  2. Licensing
  3. Installing the RIF
  4. Other Manuals
  5. For Developers
  6. 2019 Plans

What is the RIF?

An overview of the RIF, along with details of its purpose and its creators can be found here.


The RIF is licensed under the GNU LESSER GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE and is freely available from the RIF GitHub repository.

Installing the RIF

The RIF Quickstart Guide will get most users up and running. For more detailed instructions see the Installation Guide.

For really fine detail about everything that happens, see the older Building and Installing the RIF section.

Other Manuals

The RIF has the following manuals:

For Developers

Documents for developers are here.

2019 Plans

RIF Development was suspended in mid April 2019 due to a lack of funds: